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Secure Your Family’s Future With A Life Insurance

Posted by on Sep 23, 2013

Everyone wants to secure the life of their loved ones after they are gone. So, if you are also planning for the future then you can think about going for a life insurance policy...

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Travel right, travel safe

Posted by on Sep 23, 2013

Every traveler wants to reach his destination and explore to his heart’s content without having any sort of difficulties. However, unexpected events can happen, some risks will...

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Why A Commercial Insurance Can Save Your Business.

Posted by on Sep 24, 2013

Commercial Insurance helps protect your business from risks. No matter how careful you are when you operate a business risks will occur. Judging those risks and carefully...

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Protect your home-Insure it

Posted by on Sep 23, 2013

Your home and its contents are some of the most important assets of your life. After many years of hard work and the energy you spend, you are able to build a house; and protecting...

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Health Is Wealth- Protect It

Health Is Wealth- Protect It

Sep 23, 2013

Health is the most important aspect of one’s life. In today’s world, awareness is increasing about diseases and their impact on our lives. People are trying to get a health insurance policy for their families and themselves. Health insurance is a method or scheme in which you invest from time to time so that it covers your medical or hospital expenses in times of need. It may also extend to your family members. It depends on the type of insurance coverage. Sometimes the “insured” pays the costs from his own pocket and is then reimbursed by the insurance company or the “insurer” makes the payment directly to the provider. In health insurance terminology provider means the hospital, the clinic, the diagnostics center, the laboratory, pharmacy etc.

The coverage benefits and plans differ from scheme to scheme and vary with the insurance companies. A health insurance plan enables you to take extra care of your health with regular checkups. This is an incentive and an easy way to go for regular health checkups, which are otherwise delayed until something drastic takes place.  It needs a nominal pay in comparison to the actual price bill and it also lowers your medical bills. Individuals pay a specific amount on a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis to the concerned providers. When you purchase a health insurance plan then you will be provided with an identity card which allows you to show it at hospitals for free checkups. On the identity card you will get an insurance number and the insurance provider. In case you want to go for a direct claim then the hospital would send the medical bills to the insurer for the reimbursement process.

Protect Your Home With A Residential Insurance

Protect Your Home With A Residential Insurance

Sep 19, 2013

It is human instinct to protect our loved ones and make sure that no harm comes to them. It extends to not only them but also our possessions and investments. A house is an investment to build a secure future for a family to grow. So, it is of utmost importance to insure your home or property, which you have probably spent years working for.

Residential insurance includes private homes. This includes your house, the contents of it, and the property you own around it. Like all other insurance schemes, policies for home or property insurance are fixed for a term for which you, the policy-owner has to pay a premium to the insurance company. The premium you pay depends on the chances of damage to your house as well as its valuation. The slimmer the chances of damage, the smaller the premium you have to pay. But it depends from company to company and country to country. In almost all cases damage to property by natural disaster, fire, sabotage, break-ins and robbery are included in the basic home insurance policy terms.

Does MPPI Offer the Best Financial Protection?

Any home owner should consider mortgage payment protection insurance (MPPI), as it covers the cost of your monthly repayments if you are forced to enter long-term sickness, are involved in an accident that prevents you from working or have been made redundant.

With MPPI you can relax in the knowledge that your mortgage is covered, allowing you to focus on your health or seeking future employment, instead of seeking debt help. Average MPPI policies will cover mortgage repayments for up to two years, and can pay a maximum of £2,000 a month or 65% of your monthly income – whatever amount is lower.

However, before you take out an insurance policy, you need to identify whether mortgage payment protection is right for your needs.

Redundancy Payout

Will you receive a large redundancy payout from your employer? If so, mortgage payment protection may not be right for you; however, you will need insurance to cover ill-health. Before you take out the protection, work out how much redundancy pay you will be entitled to, as well as any savings you have, and weigh them up next to your regular household bills.

Sick Pay

Many employees – generally from the public sector – will receive a helpful amount of sick pay if they have an accident at work or enter long-term sickness. If so, opting for mortgage payment protection insurance that only covers redundancy may suit your circumstances, and could help with debt.

Government Help

Are you entitled to government help with your mortgage repayments? You may find that MPPI isn’t right for your needs, as the UK government can pay the interest on your mortgage, depending on the size of your mortgage, your savings and the likelihood of your home being repossessed. Remember, the government will only pay the interest, whilst mortgage payment protection insurance will cover the full repayment and associated costs.

Additional Cover

Do you have permanent health insurance? If so, this policy will pay out a proportion of your salary if you suffer a serious illness that prevents you from working. However, if does not cover unemployment. If you are looking for a policy to solely cover ill-health, this insurance type might be your best option, as it pays out for longer, and can also be used in conjunction with mortgage payment protection insurance.

Insurance Alternatives

There are plenty of insurance options available as an alternative to mortgage payment protection insurance. For example, critical illness insurance will provide protection in the form of a large lump sum if you are diagnosed with a serious or terminal illness. Whilst life insurance is a cash lump sum that is payable to your loved ones upon your death. Income protection can also pay approximately 50% of your salary if you cannot work due to accident or sickness.

Do you have more question about mortgage payment protection insurance? We recommend you contact an independent mortgage broker who might be able to help. However, we discourage you from talking to your bank until you have done your homework, as they will most likely encourage you to sign up to their own insurance policies.

Tips on Car Insurance Savings – Try Buying a More Economical Car

Men love their cars, and when it comes to car shopping, they’ll take great delight in getting a car that has the best extras and add-ons. The extras that car manufacturers offer are things like better paint jobs, a higher quality car stereo system, and special fancier car rims.

However, for the sake of keeping the cost down, many folks just keep the factory rims on car. What people may not realize is that, by deciding to stick with whatever comes from the factory, they are not only saving money on the car, but they are also keeping their cost of their car insurance.

Tips on Car Insurance Savings – Talk to the Insurance Company

If people are having a problem getting lower cost insurance, one thing they may consider is having a serious talk with their insurance company. These days, there are so many insurance companies that the ones that do have customers will do pretty much anything to keep the ones they have. Insurance companies will be especially willing to help their customers out and lower their policy costs, particularly if they hear that other companies are willing to give a policy for a certain price, they will more likely lower the cost to match it.

Tips on Car Insurance Savings – Take a Defensive Driving Class

In some states, if people do get a ticket for driving too fast, which is the most common traffic violation that people can get, then there is a way to get the ticket dismissed. A defensive driving class is only six hours long, which is only one day. Insurance companies can offer their policy holders a 10 to 15 percent discount, so people who want to reduce their insurance costs can save a lot of money after just a day spent in a classroom.

Tips on Car Insurance Savings – Safety Equipment On The Car Can Save Money

For the past decade or more, cars have come with safety equipment like anti-lock brakes and airbags. Cars also have seat belts for safety, and when used together with airbags and anti-lock brakes, which makes them very safe. However, if people want to add another safety feature, they can look into daytime headlights, which are the newest safety equipment that is proving to save lives. To add yet another important piece of what is considered safety equipment, car owners can look into car alarms.

There are many levels of protection that car alarms offer, and the more it protects, the less likely it is that the car will be stolen. Insurance companies offer discounts for people who have car alarms because it protects the car from theft, and companies pay millions of dollars because of car thievery. There are certain cars that are more desirable to thieves than others, but a car alarm on any kind of car is going to help keep it safe.

Car insurance is necessary, but it can be costly. There are ways for people to cut their car insurance costs, helping them save money that they can put to good use elsewhere.

Why staying in shape is so important to keeping your life insurance policy inexpensive

Staying in shape not only benefits your health and well being, makes you feel better and have more energy. It keeps your weight in control and your metabolism in balance. But did you know that it can also keep your life insurance premiums lower? Life insurance policies take into consideration your overall health and wellness spectrum, any previous illness or diseases and what kind of shape your health is presently. They take all this information, input it into a formula that spits out your premiums. Taking that tidbit of information into consideration and relating it to money savings means that staying in shape pays off.

Why would staying in shape reduce or keep your life insurance policy premiums? It is all about risk factors. If you are in top notch physical shape, say you do ZUMBA three times a week and you eat right, that lowers your risk for death at an earlier age. Therefore it reduces the premiums that you would be charged for life insurance. If your risk is low it means you are expected to live longer and pay premiums longer, the insurance carrier can spread out your premium payments over more years making the monthly payment lower.

Regular exercise and eating healthy promotes other healthy actions over time which reduces your risk as well. These are things that you should take into consideration also. If you started your insurance policy when you did not work out regularly and were not in good shape but now you are it is something you should talk to your insurance agent about. Some insurance companies require you to have an annual physical to gage your risk factors for the upcoming year. By becoming and staying in shape now and over time it can reduce your life insurance policy rates.

ZUMBA exercise class is a great way to stay in shape. It is a fun work out that you can enjoy with friends or get to know new people in a class. ZUMBA is fast becoming a fitness lifestyle and brand that people all over the world are enjoying. It combines fitness, entertainment and culture into a fun dance sensation. It is easy to follow choreography that offers a full body workout that even the most novice person can follow. If you are looking for an exciting way to get into shape this could be the perfect option for you to start now. You can find ZUMBA classes in almost every city and town across the USA. If you are not into the group activities you can also purchase videos or even find them online to get started in the privacy of your home.

Staying in shape has great benefits for everyone. It makes you feel better, live better and have more fun in life. It reduces your risk of illness and diseases, as well as saves you money on life insurance premiums. With all the positive benefits of getting and staying in shape there really is no reason not to start today!

Importance of Pizza Delivery Insurance

Businesses have to learn to protect their financial interest and business standing, it is what will help save them when something catastrophic occurs.

There are a number of ways that can destroy a good company, and business owners who have not taken the time to protect their assets can end up losing their entire business due to just one occurrence. The same thing is true for a restaurant that delivers pizza.

The pizza delivery drivers take risks for every trip they make, and the business owner is always subjected to the possibility of a lawsuit should there be anything that happens to the pizza driver.

The equipment being used in the restaurant such as pizza baking stones and pizza ovens are also expensive but have far less risk than a pizza delivery driver or the car used to deliver the pizzas. The drivers are out on the open road and there are a number of things that could go wrong. If they are not insured, the first incident could cause the entire restaurant to collapse.

The pizza delivery business as well as other driver-sales jobs ranked as 5th in the list of the top 10 most dangerous jobs according to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, and for this reason, any sensible business owner needs to get a pizza delivery insurance program.

Talk to an Agent

A qualified insurance agent can help your business by providing information on pizza delivery insurance programs. They can help you determine which policy is right for your business and can set up a structured plan that will cover all of the risks that are involved in pizza delivery.

Types of Insurance Policies

The first type of policy covers the delivery vehicle. It is a vehicle insurance that will cover the car or scooter if the driver gets into a crash. I can also protect the driver from liability risks.

The second type of insurance policy is a business owner policy. This will cover any damage created by the delivery worker or any type of interruption in the business.

The third type of insurance covers the delivery worker if they get hurt or injured on the job. It is important that all business owners get workers compensation to cover both their part time and full time workers.

What Types of Driver Liabilities Are Covered?

There are two types of car insurance that can be used for pizza delivery restaurants; the first one is the company owned-car coverage, while the other one is the employee-owned car coverage.

Drivers are required to get listed on the company-owned auto policy, while this is a bit more costly, this will get the attention of insurance companies and will open up more policies and benefits for employees who are working for pizza delivery companies.

What Other Insurance Coverages Are Available?

Extra benefits like liquor liability, food borne illness protections, equipment breakdown, employee theft and money losses, food spoilage, glass and signs, water damage, including computer equipment and other media type of insurance coverage are also available to pizza businesses.

Blending your way to Insurance Savings

Tax calculator and penAffordable health insurance is a major concern for many citizens. Rates continue to rise and constant changes within the insurance landscape make it hard to find a reliable and affordable provider. While this is a serious issue there are ways for people to soften the blow. Individuals who want to save money and keep the costs down on their health insurance should try to implement some steps that will reduce their rates. People looking to save money should eat healthy, exercise, and make sure to get a good night’s sleep so that they are well rested. Each of these activities is simple to do, yet they can save thousands of dollars and improve the individual’s overall quality of life.

Eating healthy is one of the easiest ways for an individual to save money on health insurance. It is simple to do and has numerous other benefits as well. The average household in the United States of America spends over $2,668 a year on fast food and eating out. Cooking and preparing healthy meals can be done for a fraction of this cost. Even people who are on the go can easily invest in a home smoothie maker or blender and begin making nutritious meals. Eating well and staying healthy will reflect positively on physicals and help to reduce insurance premiums.

In addition to eating healthy people should make it a point to exercise. Exercising is surprisingly easy to do and can help individuals to lose weight and improve their general health. When most people think about exercise, they envision weight lifting or strenuous activity. The idea of having to go to the gym for hours a day is unappealing to them. It seems like something that would consume tremendous amounts of time and money. In reality, exercising can be done in a very simple and cost effective manner. People who want to lose weight can go for walks, do calisthenics at home, or practice a sport. Even just going for a 30 minute walk after work can greatly improve one’s health. All of these are inexpensive to do and can help to reduce insurance costs due to the individual’s healthy lifestyle.

On top of eating right and working out it is important for people to get a good night’s rest. Sleeping is important because it helps the body reset and allows people to recover from a long day. Sleep deprivation can also cause serious health problems. Individuals looking to stay healthy and reduce the cost of their health insurance should make sure to be well rested from plenty of sleep.

By adhering to a few basic principles, individuals can improve their own quality of life and simultaneously reduce the cost of their insurance. Taking simple precautions can make a world of difference. Eating right, exercising with regularity, and getting enough sleep are all easy solutions to better health and lower insurance prices. People who want to seriously reduce the cost of their health insurance should try to start with these basic activities. Each one of them is easy to implement, yet it can yield incredible discounts.

Paintball Insurance And Risk Management

Paintball is growing in popularity in the United States with close to 1,000 indoor and outdoor recreational courses. Participants number in the tens of thousands. Paintball is a team sport that needs at least two players and may have as many as 30 players per team. Outdoor paintball courses are generally ten to 20 acres in size which includes a stand of trees or man-made obstacles. Most indoor facilities are located inside warehouses with wood or cement floors and man-made obstacles.

The sport is played with each player being armed with a paintball gun that uses carbon dioxide to shoot thin-skinned balls up to 300 feet per second. The paintball is loaded with non toxic, biodegradable colored paint. Each team may select a color of their choosing to distinguish their team. When the ball hits the targeted player, it leaves a paint splotch where it lands resulting in that player being withdrawn from the game. As long as each team still has one active player, the game may continue. Each team tries to capture the opposing team’s flag and return to their own flag to win. While the players are trying to capture their opponent’s flag, they must try to protect their own flag from capture. The team that captures the opponent’s flag and returns to their own flag first wins the game. If the game ends without a team capturing a flag and returning to its own side, the team that has the most active players left on the field of play wins the match. Generally, games last around an hour but may last longer if the players and the court owner allows.

Paintball fields generally include a playing field with a variety of obstacles to hide behind. They may also have foggers or low lighting to obscure the vision of the players, making the capture of the flag more challenging. Eye goggles are always required during the game. Some facilities also require face shields or padded coveralls be worn by each player. The guns themselves are tested to determine an appropriate level of velocity. As with all types of sports, there is some risk of bodily injury involved, even when precautions such as these are taken.

If recommended precautions are taken, paintball is a relatively safe sport. Most serious injuries acquired on a paintball field are due to tripping, falling or slipping on objects in the field of play. Here is a list of safety precaution recommendations for the sport of paintball:

Players should be 14 years old or older to participate
All safety rules should be followed at all times
Learn to use all safety equipment correctly
Clean the paintball markers after every game.
Have qualified referees available during the game
Wear footwear that is sturdy and slip resistant
Do not use alcohol, drugs or smoke cigarettes before and/or during play
Use obstacles appropriately

Even when these guidelines are followed, risk of injury is still present. Be sure the owner of the course carries General Liability insurance of at least $1,000,000 per occurrence. The sport of paintball is a fun, exciting way to get exercise and can be safe if precautions are followed and insurance is maintained.

Looking after a Vehicle and Insurance Policy Costs

Insurance is the reasonable transmission of danger of loss, from one unit to another in substitute of compensation. It can be referred to as type of risk management mainly used to circumvent the danger of conditional, unsure loss. Vehicle insurance is insurance acquired for motor vehicles. The main purpose of vehicle insurance is to make available monetary protection in case the vehicle or another vehicle is damaged and in case of injury. It also offers economic protection to the vehicle against theft. However if the vehicle in review is well maintained and clean and with negligible damage, it will result in low insurance cost.

Insurance policies have various types of coverage’s. Some of them are cited below:
It includes damage to oneself or death claims. It also includes various lawful claims like if the car hurts or takes life of another person.
Vehicle insurance also includes the claims for possessions that are being damaged by the vehicle in any accident.
An insured vehicle provides financial support to occupant of the car in case of any physical injury caused due to any accident.
If an insured vehicle is being stolen or met with any non-accidental issues, the insurance is likely to cover up the damage.

Insurance premiums are based on a number of factors. The first and foremost factor that influences the premium value is the cost of the vehicle. An expensive vehicle will always incur a high value of premium. So it is very important to decide very carefully how much premium a person will need to pay to get his or her vehicle insured. It is never advised, but rather very dangerous not to insure one’s vehicle but at the same time too expensive insurance may lead to financial problems as well.

There are a number of ways to reduce the premium to be paid to have a vehicle insured:
Availing public conveyance or carpooling rather than driving ones car will help to reduce premium.
It is always very important to have complete knowledge about the policy as there might be other companies who may offer better one’s at lower price than the current one.
The older the vehicle is the lesser the premium should be as the claim value is restricted to book value.
Driving a vehicle carefully may also be beneficial in the sense that it will result in less number of accidents so lesser the insurance premium will be.
If the owner of the vehicle has a good medical health policy apart from the one in the vehicle insurance it is always better to slump the one in the later.

The insurance amount is paid to the owner of the vehicle only when the vehicle is damaged due to any accident or any part of the vehicle has to be repaired due to excessive mileage of the vehicle. On the contrary if the vehicle is well maintained and washer regularly which is not at all damaged will receive very less insurance value. If the vehicle has been driven very less than there is hardly any chance of causing damage to it, thus resulting lower return from insurance companies.

When Purchasing Insurance, Check Prices And Benefits

When purchasing insurance it’s definitely important to read the fine print. I remember when I had my car robbed recently. It was in a well trafficked area in broad daylight. They broke the glass on my car window and stole my backpack, which had my laptop, iPad, and Bose headphones in it. Obviously it was a huge loss for me. But I was quite dismayed when I called up my car insurance company to see if anything was covered – it wasn’t. Even my window wasn’t covered, because I hadn’t signed up for “full glass coverage.” This is something I didn’t even know existed.

So for your car, it’s often recommended that if you can afford it, it’s best to get some decent coverage that includes various things. However, the price of the window itself wasn’t that much so in my case it may have cost more over the long run to pay a certain amount every month for several years, for just one window replacement. So you definitely have to weigh the costs and what you think is worth it to you.

I also recommend that people get renters insurance to cover theft or loss in the event of a burglary or other disaster. I really want to get this kind of insurance in order to cover my computer and all the software data that’s on it. Although they couldn’t replace the data, they could potentially replace the cost of some of the software that was on the computer. You will have to check with the insurance company, and see what is covered. A lot of times you’ll have to have the receipts and proof of price at purchase, and other things. Then it’s definitely a hassle to get it all worked out with the insurance company, but a lot of times it’s worth it and you’ll get a lot of money back.

Traveler’s insurance is a different thing altogether. A lot of times I will get this insurance as it’s rather cheap, and it will cover me in the event of personal injury, theft, or lost luggage. I personally know from traveling that anything can happen, and it’s best to be covered when you’re out of the country. I also go on rather adventurous trips that involve some extreme sports, so I definitely like to add trip insurance. Another way to go is to see if your credit card covers you in the event of a travel emergency.

I was once on a surf trip and my friend got caught on the reef at low tide, and put her hand into an urchin. She had hundreds of little spines in her hand, and we had to take her to the local clinic to see if they could do anything. Thankfully she had travel insurance and it was mostly covered. You just have to make sure that you save all the receipts and other things. All in all, it depends on your personal situation and how much extra money you have. If you have expensive personal items like camera equipment, you should definitely insure them.

Travel Insurance Programs for Hunting Safaris

Our planet has the finest exotic wildlife enriched with a wide range of animals and birds that makes the earth beautiful. There are many exciting hunting destinations that have never been explored by any human. Going on a safari tour across these virgin forests is fun and thrilling experience. Traveling like stone-age hunters is a chance for those who want to enjoy the nature with thrill and surprises. It is fun to ride across the varieties of lush greenery, gorgeous scenery and soothing reserves, along with those interesting and extraordinary species of animals. But safaris are not all fun and relaxation. There are risks involved in trekking out in the middle of nowhere.

Need for travel insurance during hunting trips

Going to African countries for hunting safari trips is a dream for many adventure seeking hunters. However it is very important for hunters to be prepared and well equipped before going on the trip. Before you go, you should read and research through online resources about the laws and insurance programs practiced in that country where you are planning to travel. The laws and policies are different in each country; therefore it is wise to seek the advice of your travel guide for your once in a lifetime safari. Check out for the endangered and protected animal or bird species in that country that might be considered as illegal to hunt. In this way you can avoid being getting into some trouble while on a hunting trip.

Things to look for in safari insurance

There are some beneficial travel insurance programs available specializing in hunting safaris. There are plenty of chances for travelers to get attacked by wild animals or get severely injured because of random mishaps or bad weather. A well equipped travel insurance program will provide coverage for various losses caused during the trip as it covers the medical bills, baggage lost, theft of your belongings, cancellation of trips and medical evacuation. Browse through the web and grab the best deal offered by reputable insurance providers who are ready to offer best insurance coverage that includes those hunting equipment such as the guns, knives or other specialized hunting equipment.

Hunting knives for the real hunter

Once you have decided to go on a hunting trip, the first thing that you need to pack your key equipment such as a bow, gun or knife. There are wide varieties of hunting knives available in the market and the cost of high quality knives can be quite high. There are deer hunting knives and other types with large flat blades, which can be pushed through the animal’s skin with little effort. The hunting knives with large blades offer maximum protection for the hunter against any kind of animal attack. These high quality hunting knives are also designed for clearing the path for a hunter’s adventurous journey.

Travel insurance coverages for hunting knives

There are perfect travel insurance policies available and they exclusively offer coverage for loss of hunting knives or any other risks involved while carrying this expensive and valuable hunting equipment. If you are a lover of hunting, then choose the travel insurance program that covers the damages or stolen or lost hunting knives exclusively. There are chances of your knives being robbed while you are sleeping in the safari hunter’s tents. At times this hunting equipment might get damaged or destroyed on accident. Pick the best travel insurance plan that features special coverage for the hunting equipment. Travel safe; enjoy wild hunting adventure by selecting the best travel insurance program exclusively designed for safeguarding your valuable hunting knife and other belongings through your wild encounters.

Diabetic Life Insurance Rates Aren’t Always Expensive

diabetesLife insurance is one of the things that most families have in place because of the protection, peace of mind, and security it provides for our loved ones. It is an essential piece of your overall financial picture. When the time comes when the thought of obtaining a life insurance policy starts to creep into your mind, you typically go through a number of questions, such as: What type of policy do I need? And what company is best? If you’re a diabetic, then the next question on your mind is – will it cost me an arm and a leg to get insured?

The answer to that question could be yes or no. The cost of life insurance for diabetes depends on the type of diabetes you have, when you were diagnosed and, most importantly, how well you take care of your blood sugar levels. Learn more about how having diabetes affects life insurance rates so you can get the best policy and the best rates for your unique situation.

It’s no secret that life insurance companies are in the business of making money. The life insurance business is very profitable for companies and part of that is because they have worked out the all the intricacies of how to assess the risk of an applicant to the company. Insurance companies want to insure those who will live for the longest amount of time. That way, you pay into your possible for as long as possible and, if you have a term insurance policy, you will outlive the term and there will be no payout at all.

With diabetes, the long-term statistics can be pretty discouraging to look at. A diabetic with poor control is likely to develop serious complications such as retinopathy, neuropathy, heart disease, stroke, kidney failure, and more. These are all big risks to an insurance company. Luckily, the statistics for a diabetic who manages their blood sugar well are more promising. This is the key to obtaining the best life insurance rates if you are a diabetic – excellent blood sugar control.

If you get a traditionally underwritten life insurance policy then all companies will do a full analysis of your blood and urine, which includes a hemoglobin a1c test. This is a standard test to check how well an applicant has been managing their diabetes over the previous 3 months. If your blood sugar has been high then the test will show a lot of sugar attached to your red blood cells and so the a1c will be high. Conversely, if you have monitored and managed your glucose levels closely, the a1c will be lower.

All other factors aside, an a1c of under 7.0 is considered good control and can usually get you standard rates or better, depending on other health factors, and also the company you choose. When underwriters see 7.0 and below they have somewhat of an idea of how you approach your diabetes care and they can see that you are proactive in keeping your blood sugars in check. If your a1c is 7.0 to 8.5, then your control would be considered okay, but this is still considered high by normal standards. If your a1c is over 8.5 then your blood sugar control is entering into the category of poor control, which makes you a higher risk for insurance companies, and often paying higher rates or getting denied for coverage.

Managing your diabetes is important because it affects your long-term health and well-being and it saves you money in multiple areas.

To learn more tips on how to get your a1c under control and how to get affordable life insurance rates, even if you have diabetes, go to . You will find a plethora of information about type 1 and type 2 diabetes and how the underwriting process for these