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Secure Your Family’s Future With A Life Insurance

Posted by on Sep 23, 2013

Everyone wants to secure the life of their loved ones after they are gone. So, if you are also planning for the future then you can think about going for a life insurance policy...

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Travel right, travel safe

Posted by on Sep 23, 2013

Every traveler wants to reach his destination and explore to his heart’s content without having any sort of difficulties. However, unexpected events can happen, some risks will...

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Why A Commercial Insurance Can Save Your Business.

Posted by on Sep 24, 2013

Commercial Insurance helps protect your business from risks. No matter how careful you are when you operate a business risks will occur. Judging those risks and carefully...

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Protect your home-Insure it

Posted by on Sep 23, 2013

Your home and its contents are some of the most important assets of your life. After many years of hard work and the energy you spend, you are able to build a house; and protecting...

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Health Is Wealth- Protect It

Health Is Wealth- Protect It

Sep 23, 2013

Health is the most important aspect of one’s life. In today’s world, awareness is increasing about diseases and their impact on our lives. People are trying to get a health insurance policy for their families and themselves. Health insurance is a method or scheme in which you invest from time to time so that it covers your medical or hospital expenses in times of need. It may also extend to your family members. It depends on the type of insurance coverage. Sometimes the “insured” pays the costs from his own pocket and is then reimbursed by the insurance company or the “insurer” makes the payment directly to the provider. In health insurance terminology provider means the hospital, the clinic, the diagnostics center, the laboratory, pharmacy etc.

The coverage benefits and plans differ from scheme to scheme and vary with the insurance companies. A health insurance plan enables you to take extra care of your health with regular checkups. This is an incentive and an easy way to go for regular health checkups, which are otherwise delayed until something drastic takes place.  It needs a nominal pay in comparison to the actual price bill and it also lowers your medical bills. Individuals pay a specific amount on a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis to the concerned providers. When you purchase a health insurance plan then you will be provided with an identity card which allows you to show it at hospitals for free checkups. On the identity card you will get an insurance number and the insurance provider. In case you want to go for a direct claim then the hospital would send the medical bills to the insurer for the reimbursement process.

Protect Your Home With A Residential Insurance

Protect Your Home With A Residential Insurance

Sep 19, 2013

It is human instinct to protect our loved ones and make sure that no harm comes to them. It extends to not only them but also our possessions and investments. A house is an investment to build a secure future for a family to grow. So, it is of utmost importance to insure your home or property, which you have probably spent years working for.

Residential insurance includes private homes. This includes your house, the contents of it, and the property you own around it. Like all other insurance schemes, policies for home or property insurance are fixed for a term for which you, the policy-owner has to pay a premium to the insurance company. The premium you pay depends on the chances of damage to your house as well as its valuation. The slimmer the chances of damage, the smaller the premium you have to pay. But it depends from company to company and country to country. In almost all cases damage to property by natural disaster, fire, sabotage, break-ins and robbery are included in the basic home insurance policy terms.

Everyday Customer Support

Since I have started working for this insurance company we have been working hard at upgrading our availability online for everyday customer support. It is important that our clients receive the best service and aid. I remember travelling to India and I had a five hour layover until my next flight. The airport was huge and their where thousands of people walking and some even running for fear that they would not miss their flights. I sat down nearby a gentleman and politely greeted him. His name was Ross and we shook hands. “So how are you doing?” I asked him. He replied, “I’m having one of those days where you wish you had insurance for you and your family.” “I’m travelling today, unexpectedly, because I got the news that one of my brothers was injured while renovating his kitchen.” At the moment he was telling me his story I could only sympathize with him and said that I hope everything will work out well. I added, that he should not worry even though it might have been quite challenging for him. I offered if he needed any help that I would be willing to assist in any way possible. The man sat up and looked into my eyes and said, “Thank you.”

The Accident

Ross then opened up that his brother was really excited that he was able to design his wife’s dream kitchen, he installed a delta kitchen faucet in their kitchen. “It’s one of the best kitchen faucets and it complements his kitchen with a touch of class!” Then he continued, “My brother was installing some ceiling lights, but while he was on the step-ladder it broke and he fell breaking his arm and his leg, he also suffered a concussion. He needs to go undergo surgery.” He added, “That’s not all; he does not have health insurance and we do not know what to do. The medical bills will be insanely high.” Then to encourage him I said, “I work at an insurance company, and it is my pleasure connecting people with whatever insurance they may need.” Ross then asked, “What does your insurance company cover?” My reply was, “We offer our clients health, life, automotive and travelling insurance. We ensure that our clients receive the best service possible.” His whole demeanor changed and he became very hopeful. He could not contain his excitement he called his oldest sister and told her the good news. After his phone call he told me his brother was in India and apparently they lived on the same region I was going to. It was time to board our flight and away we took off. What a coincidence that our seats on the plane were next to each other. We had both enjoyed our flight and arrived safely. We reached his family’s house, then went to the hospital and saw his brother. While there we went online and I helped them get connected with health insurance. The medical bills were taken care of while his brother underwent surgery. Everything worked out fine for the family.

Insurance for Marathon Runners

If you are running a marathon, you might want to consider getting an insurance. You might get injured, after all ankle and knee injuries are pretty common among long distance runners. If you are running abroad, you might also want to get travel insurance in case something happens on your trip. You might also want to consider getting a flight insurance, in case you are travelling overseas, and your expensive flight gets called off. Luggage insurance can also come in handy, we all know how many bags go missing at airports. If you are running at a remote area of the world, for example if you are participating in the Great Wall run in China, you might want to get evacuation insurance. And the list goes on…The point is that all kinds of problems may arise if you are travelling to run a marathon, so let’s take a look at which are the types of insurance you should definitely get.

Most people are reluctant to spend on insurance, they think they are invincible. I am from the school of thought that if I don’t end up using my insurance, it was the best money I ever wasted. It means that I didn’t get any injuries. If you want to lower the chances of getting injured, make sure that you are in shape, you are well rested, and that you have all the necessary equipment. The most important pieces of clothing are your shoes, and your socks in which you run.

The most common problems are injuries you sustain during the race. I have a good piece of news, most health insurance packages cover running a marathon. Chances are that if you have an ordinary health insurance, you can count on it in case you twist your ankles. If you are running multiple marathons per day, you must get extra insurance, this is not covered in these policies. There are only a handful of people participating in such events, so you have to call an insurance company, and ask for a personalized package.

If your current policy doesn’t cover marathons, you can get a top-up policy from most companies. I would recommend Sportscover Direct, because they offer policies just for marathons, and top-ups as well, so they have considerable experience in the field.

There are companies who specialize in people who live life in the fast lane, marathon runners, extreme sports people, backpackers. The most popular out of these is JS Sports Insurance, they have a package for running marathons in foreign countries. This policy covers flight insurance and evacuation insurance. If you are of the nervous type, this package is for you.

As with all insurance policies, make sure that you read the fine print. Most contracts state exactly the length of race they cover, the conditions and they also specify what kind of physical shape you have to be in. After all the chances of getting injured are different if you are a twenty year old running his or her first marathon, than if you are sixty with four decades of experience behind your back.


Condo Insurance Qualms

Living in a condo is the way to go for a growing portion of the population. City dwellers are overtaking their rural counterparts for the first time in history. There are a ton of benefits to the simple style of living small, but there are also a number of considerations to be aware of while choosing the right insurance for your place!

Condo and Car Bundles

Did you know that most major insurance brokers are willing to give you a discount (often a significant discount) for bundling both your auto insurance and your condominium insurance into one package? Companies like State Farm, Safe Co, and All State all have car/condo bundle options which can help you save a minimum of 10% on a product you’d be purchasing anyway.
Often times it’s worth switching your auto insurance provider to take advantage of these deals, or perhaps your auto insurance provider has a deal of their own!

Alarm Systems

Ask your insurance provider about their policy regarding updated fire and burglar alarm systems. Often times installing a new system will save you even more over the long run.
Something to be aware of is your building’s policy towards BBQs on the patio or balcony. Most inlaid balconies are ‘no bbq’ zones due to the potential for fire and smoke damage. If your condo (or building) sustain fire damage from an illegal BBQ your insurance policy will most likely be void, sticking you with the bill! Of course, there are plenty of electric options which will do the trick if you are out of luck on the BBQ front!

Sprinkler Systems

An updated sprinkler system is a great way to save money on your insurance policy. Inquire about the age of the current system in your building. If the building is outdated, bring the issue up with strata and the other residents. Condo fees going towards a new sprinkler system is a double win: the property is better equipped to deal with a fire, and all of the residents save on their home insurance.

Flood Protection

Something most condo owners don’t think about is flood protection. However, it’s not just the ground level that needs to consider this coverage. While flood damage can happen to individual units, if there is any structural damage to the building itself, all of the residents might be on the hook! Check with the strata counsel before purchasing insurance to make sure you know what the rules are before you purchase insurance.

Strata Unique Issues

Each building can have its own rules that you might not be aware of unless you ask before purchasing your place. Often times archaic coverage requirements might be mandatory under the strata counsel’s rules. Be prepared, chat with the members of strata before you purchase your condo so you don’t end up getting stuck with a policy you never intended to get!

All of these points are good places to start when talking about condo insurance, and might end up saving you a few dollars. However make sure you ask your insurance provider about any other condo specific insurance options they have, as most companies will have a couple of special features that others might not offer, so it’s always good to ask!

How Insurance Polices Help with Flea Treatment Expense

About 70% of pet owners in America are treating pets for fleas. From a variety of preventative measures to numerous flea control products such as combs, collars, shampoos and oral tablets, the amount of money spent on flea treatment is staggering. Unfortunately, even with the most aggressive preventative approaches, flea infestation can still happen.

Damages Associated with Fleas

Thinking that flea infestation as a simple problem would be a mistake. When left untreated, fleas can multiply by the hundreds in a matter of days that can then lead to an assortment of problems to you, your pet and your house. On your pet, common damages include:

Allergic dermatitis
• Anemia
• Infectious anemia
• Scratch fever or bartonellosis
• Tapeworm infection
• Death for severe cases

While fleas do not live on humans, they still bite and can cause scratching and allergies. As fleas feed on rats, bacteria may be transported from rats to humans, which can result to a condition known as Bubonic plague. Associated symptoms include fever, headache, swollen lymph nodes and exhaustion. Damages extend to your home encompassing fabric items like dog beddings, carpets, rags and clothes as well as furniture, rooms and supplies where they can thrive.

The Cost of Treating Fleas

Millions of dollars are spent on flea treatment every year. This is in addition to the usual dog food and vet expenses every pet owner has to worry about. For DIY flea solutions, products such as flea insecticides to flea floggers, flea yard spray and flea shampoos among other things cost from $10 to $50 or more. For a more comprehensive treatment, professionals may charge from $75 to 100 for the initial service and from $150 to $250 for the succeeding sessions. Then there are the preventative medications and measures which cost more money.

How Home Insurance Policy Can Help

If not dealt with property, flea infestation is not only downright vicious but also very expensive. The fact that fleas aren’t usually ridden off with one round of treatment is even more alarming. There are cases when the problem goes on for months. It can bleed you out financially not to mention that your pet, your health and your home is at risk.

But did you know that suitable insurance policies can help with the expense? If you don’t want to shoulder the skyrocketing expense year in and year out, this is when pet and home insurance premiums that you’ve been paying for can be claimed.

Pet health insurance, for instance, can reimburse flea treatment costs. Though limited, policies often cover routine care claims for flea prevention medications. When it comes to home damages, however, claims may be a bit tricky. Since flea infestation happen pretty much everywhere, most insurance companies may refuse to take responsibility for flea related damages. Your job as pet owner is to find a policy which covers the most important and probable damages.

Be Proactive

Having insurance policies for your pet’s health and your home is no reason to be lax. To reduce the chances of flea infesting your home, you need to be more proactive when it comes to your pet’s health and hygiene. For more tips on how to keep your dog healthy and at his best, Pet Wellness Guide has a plethora of information for pet owners.

What Are the Three Insurance Options for Cyclists?

You know about health insurance, life insurance, boat, home and auto insurance. But did you know that some companies also offer bicycle insurance? If your primary means of transportation is your bicycle, you don’t have to remain unprotected against uninsured motorists or other hazards. There are several types of insurance you can purchase to protect you and your bike; this coverage will ensure that you are reimbursed in the case of accident, theft, and personal injury, or even that you have access to roadside assistance.

Homeowners and Renters Insurance

The first insurance policy which may cover your bike is a homeowners or renters policy. Many states require that you have this insurance, and most rental agencies will require it as well. Homeowners insurance comes with many options. You may choose to insure your home and belongings against fire, flood, theft, or other events. However, some people do not know that this insurance policy can also cover storage units and secondary residences. While a homeowners policy will not reimburse you in the case of an accident, it is almost a certain way to ensure that you are covered if your bike is destroyed while in the home or if it is stolen. Check with your insurance agent to determine the coverage amounts for your bicycle.

Life and Accidental Insurance

While we hope you’ll never need it, purchasing a life and/or accidental policy is a good idea if you’re a frequent road cyclist. These policies can be purchased as standalone policies or as part of a more comprehensive packages. In the unfortunate case that you or your family will have to cash in on either of these policies, an insurer will require that you were using your bike in a fashion which was not considered to be particularly risky. Life and accidental policies will probably not cover road or other racing, stunt riding, or any other unusual act performed on your bike. If you’re a professional or semi-professional cyclist, accidental insurance may not be the best option for you. For every day commuters, however, this coverage is excellent.

Standalone Bicycle Insurance

Standalone bicycle insurance is, without a doubt, the best type of coverage for you regardless of how you use your bike. Offered by companies independent from the largely advertised ones, these policies offer almost comprehensive insurance in the event of theft, damage, total damage, loss, spare parts, and replacement rental. Affordable, these plans begin around $100 for a year, and offer a great many add-ons. Whether you are a professional or a casual cyclist, there is a policy which will suit your needs.

The most experienced cyclists own one or more bikes, have invested in the best equipment, have trained on the best exercise bikes and have invested thousands of dollars in their hobby. But even the most prepared and enthusiastic cyclist can’t predict a collision with an automobile, the theft of a spare part or the need for roadside assistance. A standalone policy for cyclists will give you the peace of mind you desire when you’re on the road.

While you and your insurance representative can best collaborate on the right solution for your particular needs, you can research insurance policies yourself. Call and get quotes from insurance agencies, and talk to friends and neighbors about their experiences. But perhaps most importantly of all, do your best to prevent the need for a claim. Purchase appropriate equipment, always wear protective headgear, and train regularly. Check out the Best Exercise Bike Guides to determine what other cyclists use to prepare themselves for the road, and use common sense. With good judgment and a good insurance policy, you’ll be cycling with peace of mind.

Cafe Racer Insurance

Many individuals have and can enjoy motorcycles, in particular the Cafe Racer. Of course, motorcycles are vehicles, and need to be insured like any other. Getting quotes online from agencies that carry motorcycle insurance is one of the things you can do to make sure you get the best rates.

The sites you can visit online to make sure you get the best rates are numerous. You can get the motorcycle insurance you need, and can take advantage of comparing these options. There are so many types of motorcycle insurance you can use, and do your homework so you can make sure you have the specialised insurance you will need. You can get quotes for insurance in regard to Cafe Racers particularly when you look at the cafe racer parts that could be considered ‘non-standard’. You can go to online sources, and make sure that you have all of the possibilities in terms of insurance options.

You simply have to put in some specific demographic information about both you and your racer to get insurance quotes. This way you will have the most valuable, current and reliable options to get information about insurance. Individuals can also look at forums of those who own Cafe Racers. They tend to have good information about where to get insurance in either the US or Europe. Motorcycle is also a valuable source for individuals who are looking for insurance for their Cafe Racers. Dairyland insurance in the US is also an excellent source to get great rates on motorcycle insurance.It is both a viable option for insurance or can serve as a resource.

As with all sorts of vehicle insurance prepare to pay more if you live in a high theft or high crime area. Also, if you have you vehicle in a locked garage you will most likely have better rates when you are looking for insurance or your Cafe Racer. Keep your mileage low if at all possible, with your Cafe Racer. If you use your bike mostly for pleasure you should be able to get some of the insurance you are looking for, at great rates. It is safe to say, the same things apply with motorcycle insurance as apply with standard insurance, your age, driving history, credit rating and where the vehicle is housed are all important factors in obtaining rates. Also how much the vehicle will be driven is also factored into rate quotes. Try to have all of these things in good order or the best they can be prior to applying for motorcycle insurance for your Cafe Racer.

It is helpful to take a motorcycle safety course in order to get the best insurance rates. This will help you get he best rates on your motorcycle insurance. For those who are just learning to ride a motorcycle they may want to consider motorcycle learner insurance. This may cost you more than traditional motorcycle insurance, but you can’t put a price tag on safety. Shopping around for the best insurance will pay off in terms of rates you can get on your Cafe Racer insurance.

Frequently Asked Questions about Orthodontic Insurance Plans

Orthodontic insurance plans can help families make ends meet when it comes to straightening children’s teeth. If they are well-chosen, they can help you save up to $2,000 for one treatment. Therefore it is worth investing some time to know which plan works best for you and your family. Below there is a list with frequently asked questions about this type of insurance with answers to guide you along the selection process.

What does the orthodontic insurance covers?

The first visit at the orthodontist is free because now it is the time when the professional will evaluate the patient’s condition and will issue a treatment plan along with an estimate cost for the complete treatment. The insurance will cover the treatment, the X-rays and necessary examinations, the retainers and the post-treatment records. Fillings, dental surgery, teeth cleaning and other similar dental procedures which are done usually before braces treatment are not covered by the orthodontic insurance, but if you have a dental insurance, they can be covered by that.

How will the insurance plan influence the choice of the orthodontist?

The majority of insurance companies have a list of preferred orthodontists. Patients are strongly encouraged to choose an orthodontist from the ones mentioned there. Usually the greatest deals are obtained when choosing a preferred orthodontist. If your orthodontist is not on the list, it is very possible to lose part of the coverage. Check with you company how going to an out of the network orthodontist will affect you and do the math before making up your mind.

When will be the insurance ready to use?

Most insurance companies require a period between the date of the contract signing and the date of insurance claiming. The smallest period is one year, but longer periods (for example 2 years at Sun Life Financial) are also possible. Therefore plan ahead if you want well aligned teeth for you/your children.

Will I know the treatment’s price and amount of co-pay before the treatment?

Yes. The orthodontist will make a pre-treatment evaluation of your teeth condition and will forward your insurance company the total cost of the orthodontic treatment. Based on this, the insurer will calculate the coverage and will tell you the sum necessary for co-pay and/or for additional services. The orthodontic insurance usually covers 50% of the orthodontic treatment’s price. Also, there is a maximum amount of money which can be directed towards orthodontic procedures.

Will the insurance cover the orthodontic treatment in progress?

Standard orthodontic insurances do not cover treatments which started before signing the contract. Insurance companies such as Aetna or Delta Dental also offer orthodontic plans which cover work in progress, but they are more costly than the standard ones. Also, there are plans which lose the coverage for work in progress if 30 or 60 days have passed since the last orthodontic check-up.

Can I change my insurance provider during the treatment?

As mentioned above, in order to get coverage for a work in progress, you must choose a premium insurance plan. If you still want or need to make the change, it is necessary to bring all documents along with estimates of the treatment from the prior plan and a claim with the conditions of the former insurance plan.

What is an age limit and how can it affect me/my child?

The age limit represents the maximum age at which the individual can benefit from braces and/or other type of orthodontic treatment. There are two types of age limits: the orthodontic age limit (the maximum age at which the adult can benefit from braces coverage) and the dependent age limit (the maximum age at which the dependent can have coverage for orthodontic treatment). If the age limit is reached, the insurance company will no longer pay for any orthodontic treatment. Usually the age limit of the insured individual/dependent is 19, but it may have some variations from company to company. Standard insurances do not cover adult orthodontic treatment.

Tips for Getting Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is one of the most useful types of insurance available for us, but at the same time it’s one of the less requested. Accidents sometimes happen when we are on our vacations, of course we never remember that because we are thinking only about the good things that will happen in our trip – which is totally fine by the way – but it is always better to be prepared than sorry!

I learnt this the hard way on my last trip with my wife to Cartagena, Colombia. There is a nice resort on a nearby island (Isla Baru) where we stayed. My wife unfortunately had an accident and ended up with a sprained ankle. We went looking for the doctor at the resort but we couldn’t find any. At the infirmary there was only a nurse which gave us a pomade but no bandages or even the minimum examination. We had to get the next day to Cartagena, to a store where they sold men shaving products and personal care items to get a bandage. There I wondered what would happen if my wife had suffered a more serious accident…

But what do you need before buying travel insurance? That’s what I want to share with you, so without further ado here are the tips you must keep in mind:

Buy travel insurance at the time of booking your travel. Timing is very important if you don’t want a future claim to be denied. For people with pre existing conditions: you have approximately 15 days after making your trip deposit to buy the insurance, but we are humans and tend to forget things. The solution? Buy the insurance at the same time of booking your travel.

Know your options. Travel insurance encompasses many different types of insurance, so you have to be specific when making your choice. There is insurance for trip cancellation, medical attention, baggage problems, flight insurance among others. Trip cancellation is one of the most popular among with the medical insurance. You can also ask for packages that include many types of travel insurance at once.

Some people also decide to opt for evacuation insurance, which gives them the option of flying back to a home hospital in case something happens. Sometimes the local hospital or medical center at your destination is not the best option.

Compare costs before deciding. Travel agencies will give you options and insurance bundles, but that doesn’t mean that they are thinking about your economy! In this day and age we have all the technology and tools to make our own comparisons at home, be sure to check out sites such as Travel Guard, Travel Insurance and similar ones, at least if you are in the USA.

These are some of the basic tips you should keep in mind when looking for travel insurance. This industry has grown 13 percent in the past two years, which means there are more and better offers for customers. I recommend you learn more about your options and look for the type of travel insurance that best suits your travel needs.

The Trampoline Insurance Issue

When you become a parent, the whole world changes. All of a sudden it’s not just about you anymore, it’s about your family. You start to see things differently, and things that were complete non-issues before, step up to the forefront of your priorities.

One of the most common changes I help new families deal with is the realization of the importance of being adequately covered by insurance. Protecting your family is always number one, and having proper insurance coverage is one of the easiest ways to make sure everybody is covered in the event of an unfortunate accident. This often means parents getting life insurance policies and making sure your car and your home are covered as well.

As your kids grow older and they become more adventurous, and as a parent you will often times find yourself wanting to accommodate your children’s needs. This can mean moving to a larger house, or making purchases you wouldn’t have thought to make otherwise. One of the most common purchases a family will make is the purchase of a trampoline. Did you know though, that buying a trampoline can actually have major implications for your insurance policy, possibly even voiding it?

This is a major consideration to be conscious of before making your purchase, and it’s something you’ll want to talk with your insurance provider about prior to the need of an insurance claim!

Why would having a trampoline void an insurance policy? Here’s why:

1 – Insurance companies view trampolines as injury factories

And rightly so! Because they are. Every child wants a trampoline, I don’t think I’ve ever heard a child say “No, I would hate to have a trampoline in my yard”. However, trampolines are responsible for over 100,000 emergency room visits by children every year in the United States alone.

In fact, the statistics show that trampoline related injuries are more likely to cause brain damage in children than car accidents! That’s a pretty tough fact to avoid, and that’s why most insurance companies will jack up your rates and premium if they know of a trampoline on the property, or possibly flat out refuse to cover your property.

2 – Unattended Risk

So, you are a responsible adult and only let your children, and your children’s friends, play on the trampoline under strict supervision. Insurance companies do not care.

What happens when a neighbor’s kid sneaks into your backyard when you aren’t home because everybody knows the Jones’ are the coolest and have a trampoline? What happens when that kid then breaks their leg, or falls off the trampoline and gets a concussion, or somehow dies? (I know, extreme. But it is a possibility without proper supervision.)

Insurance companies see a trampoline like a pool when it comes to potential of risk, which is why they are extremely adamant about inclusion of a trampoline in the policy before anything happens.

This article is not to discourage you from getting a trampoline, by any means. We all remember being children and longing for a trampoline, or perhaps you were the lucky kids on the block who actually HAD one. Trampolines are fun and can be a great form of exercise and social development for kids, but it is extremely important to talk with your insurance provider before pulling the trigger on this potentially life changing decision.

Also, some insurance providers are more likely to be lenient with their rules regarding trampolines on premises if you purchase a Springfree model, which are world renowned for their safety standards. Making it very difficult to injure yourself while bouncing.

These tips are meant to help you make informed decisions in your life to keep your families future secure. Remember, family comes first.

Does MPPI Offer the Best Financial Protection?

Any home owner should consider mortgage payment protection insurance (MPPI), as it covers the cost of your monthly repayments if you are forced to enter long-term sickness, are involved in an accident that prevents you from working or have been made redundant.

With MPPI you can relax in the knowledge that your mortgage is covered, allowing you to focus on your health or seeking future employment, instead of seeking debt help. Average MPPI policies will cover mortgage repayments for up to two years, and can pay a maximum of £2,000 a month or 65% of your monthly income – whatever amount is lower.

However, before you take out an insurance policy, you need to identify whether mortgage payment protection is right for your needs.

Redundancy Payout

Will you receive a large redundancy payout from your employer? If so, mortgage payment protection may not be right for you; however, you will need insurance to cover ill-health. Before you take out the protection, work out how much redundancy pay you will be entitled to, as well as any savings you have, and weigh them up next to your regular household bills.

Sick Pay

Many employees – generally from the public sector – will receive a helpful amount of sick pay if they have an accident at work or enter long-term sickness. If so, opting for mortgage payment protection insurance that only covers redundancy may suit your circumstances, and could help with debt.

Government Help

Are you entitled to government help with your mortgage repayments? You may find that MPPI isn’t right for your needs, as the UK government can pay the interest on your mortgage, depending on the size of your mortgage, your savings and the likelihood of your home being repossessed. Remember, the government will only pay the interest, whilst mortgage payment protection insurance will cover the full repayment and associated costs.

Additional Cover

Do you have permanent health insurance? If so, this policy will pay out a proportion of your salary if you suffer a serious illness that prevents you from working. However, if does not cover unemployment. If you are looking for a policy to solely cover ill-health, this insurance type might be your best option, as it pays out for longer, and can also be used in conjunction with mortgage payment protection insurance.

Insurance Alternatives

There are plenty of insurance options available as an alternative to mortgage payment protection insurance. For example, critical illness insurance will provide protection in the form of a large lump sum if you are diagnosed with a serious or terminal illness. Whilst life insurance is a cash lump sum that is payable to your loved ones upon your death. Income protection can also pay approximately 50% of your salary if you cannot work due to accident or sickness.

Do you have more question about mortgage payment protection insurance? We recommend you contact an independent mortgage broker who might be able to help. However, we discourage you from talking to your bank until you have done your homework, as they will most likely encourage you to sign up to their own insurance policies.